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About us

Noorsoft is a highly qualified development team with unrivalled experience. We develop complex mobile and web applications, startups and loaded services, projects that have gone through the most well-known acceleration programs and attracted millions of investments and tens, hundreds of thousands of users. We are deeply versed in technologies and try to be on the wave of innovation, so we use all modern, popular and convenient.

We try to make every developer as comfortable as possible in our team; we follow the friendly atmosphere and attract only those people who like us and our team. We are an excellent springboard for newcomer developers, and with us you can quickly grow from a newcomer to a professional.

Why we:
Sharpened process

We are constantly sharping the development process and now it looks comfortable and does not allow to relax.

Rapid growth at Noorsoft

You will quickly grow to the professional level and independent work on the project


At Noorsoft, you work on modern, in-demand, constantly evolving technologies.


We work only with people who are professional and at the same time friendly. Our company has a great atmosphere.


We are young, positive professionals. It is easy to work and be friends with us. The atmosphere of work in Noorsoft is not only working, but also friendly relations in a team. Come work with us and see it for yourself!

Work process

The workflow is constantly improving, the latest innovations are:

  • Improving the management and communication process,

  • Automatic time tracking and Jira integration

  • New kitchen in office =)

Our goal is to maximize the automation of the routine and load specialists with interesting work

Tech stack

We are monitoring new technologies and learn a lot of new information, which we are immediately trying to apply. At the moment our main stack: Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, Swift/Java - the most advanced, fast and popular technologies

Hiring process
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