Webstus Publisher

from Noorsoft

Automation system for working with articles for editorials. Fully automated work with articles from the idea to placement on specialized websites.

The service stores all the records and performs as a kind of ‘version control system’ for articles. Here you can monitor and track every step of article development, see at what step which version of the article was submitted and how it was checked before.

The system automates and regularizes interaction between all participants of the process, which are seven: from copywriters to the chief editor. Once the article is complete, it can be automatically posted on the website.

The task

Who is the client?

We were approached by the client who wanted to automate the process of text content production.

He is developing content websites, doing SEO optimization and eventually is selling the traffic. There are more than 100 different websites in his arsenal,which are leaders by traffic in their subject.

Main concern

The main problem that the client was concerned about was that the process of content production became very bulky, hard to control and evaluate the quality.

When you need more than 300 articles a day and all of them should be of the highest quality and be useful in order to keep the user on the website maximum of time you definitely will need this automatization solution.


Interesting fact is that famous leading publishers and media don’t have similar systems. There they do everything by old model: excel, word, Google docs and other similar solutions. We have found several specialized software solutions for our client, but they didn't meet all his requirements.

Interview with the client

After studying competitors we conducted a problem-interview with the client,where we went through the highlights which he was concerned about:


Loss of
important files


and structured
file storage


Analysis of a specific
period of work


Interaction between
people in the system should
be transparent


Would be great to see who
when and where does the amends


Possibility of effectivity
evaluation in articles


Automatization from article
idea generation to publishing
on various CMS

First stage resulted in a prototype which has solved all the above mentioned issues.


During the work process we have discovered the production stages.

It looks approximately like this:

Documents copies on every stage

We made a system very similar to GIT and started to save every copy of the document on every stage not to lose any changes. Also to keep a track on all amendments on every stage of the process to be able to review the activity of a certain person. From now on not a single file will be lost and it is possible to download any version of the file at any time.

Several levels of access for employees

We created several types of users and gave them various rights that provided every participant of the process with personal account and access only to limited information. Everything is pretty much easy: he receives necessary materials, processes them, presses “done” and the task moves to the next stage.

Automated articles publishing

Eventually the article is being published on various websites that allows the process to work without expensive technical specialist.


The client is very satisfied with his new system and said that it solves all his tasks and even a little more than expected. In particular he was very impressed by our system of articles saving by versions.