An online calculator for calculating thermal capacity, making equipment lists for residential housing and automated generation of documents for clients and government services in PDF format.

Automated calculation for heating equipment in residential housing
The Problem

Engineers and builders have to spend hours and hours to manually calculate the thermal capacity for residential housing. Without this data it is impossible to create a project for thermal equipment, such as heated flooring. Dozens of various formulas are used for these calculations, which sometimes means poor accuracy.
Any inaccuracy has a serious impact on the quality of the construction, comfort and safety of the residents of the property. That is why such calculations need to be checked and rechecked many times, which is inefficient and makes for a lot of wasted time. Engineers have to provide the project documents to clients and government institutions, and those usually take a few days to compile.

The Idea

Development of a service that would calculate the thermal capacity automatically and in real-time mode, preferably with just a few clicks. This service should be taught to compile the project documents in PDF format – the file format requested by all of the government offices and preferred by the clients as it is easy to open on any device or system. The calculator should be well-trusted among professionals, so it should be based on the classic calculation techniques and comply with the Sanitary Regulations and Norms.

The Result

The online calculator “Спроектируй.рф” for thermal capacity calculation of heating systems can calculate the thermal balance for any property and create projects for heating devices and systems. Additional features allow for projecting the heated floors construction and choosing the necessary materials. All of the compiled documents are in PDF format.

Automated publishing Service can:
  • Calculate the thermal capacity of the heating system
  • Determine whether the property is in compliance with the energy saving standards
  • Develop the project for the heated floors and select the necessary components
  • Help choose a heating device and determine the heat loss
Accuracy of the calculations

The purpose of this service is to do all of the calculations for the user and guarantee an error-free result. In order to achieve this, the classical calculation techniques have been integrated within the algorithms of the service. Simply put, “Спроектируй.рф” uses the same formulas the professionals use for manual calculations, but does it more quickly and efficiently.

The informational value

The user gets useful information based on the norms and standards extracted from the reference books and manuals of the manufacturers of the equipment. There is no room of error.

Compliance with the Sanitary Regulations and Norms.

The calculations have to be correct and comply with the existing sanitary regulations. The results are automatically checked to make sure they comply with the Sanitary Regulations and Norms of the Russian Federation as per article СП 50.13330.2012 “Thermal protection of residential buildings” and article DIN EN 1264 “Superficies heating system”. If the user starts deviating from the regulations and standards the service immediately notifies them.

The Speed

The program does all of the routine and complex work for the user and helps save time. With just a few clicks the user can make all of the necessary calculations. The full project is compiled within just 60 minutes. You can dedicate your time to more important tasks or take up new projects meanwhile, making your business more lucrative.

An easy and intuitive interface

We tried to make this service available to both professional engineers and independent construction workers who want to double check their construction company’s work. That is why we made the app interface so easy and intuitive. We have checked with a focus group to make sure it is as simple as can be.

Save money

This online calculator will help you save money and bring down the estimated cost of the project, as it will offer you better solutions and calculate the exact amount of materials needed. “Спроектируй.рф” will save you dozens of hours of “trial and error” work and help you make your business more efficient and lucrative.

Documents for clients and government offices

The program compiles all of the necessary documentation in PDF format. You can use the documents to report back to the client or government offices. Creating all of the documentation can take a few days if done manually, whereas the program will have everything ready for you within an hour.

The Development

The online calculator has many features already but we plan to add even more in the nearest future. For instance, our team is planning to integrate hydraulic engineering calculations and heating chart options into the app. We know how to do it but are currently waiting for the number of users to increase in order to implement it.

An online calculator for engineers, designers and amateurs

We made this app for professional builders, as they are usually the ones who have to calculate everything and make decisions when it comes to heating systems. Never the less, our team has made the app so intuitive and easy to use, that anyone could use it without needing any construction experience whatsoever. For example, if your builder has given you a quote you consider way too expensive, you can use the app to double check the cost and get the estimate for the work you need done.

“Спроектируй.рф” will be useful to you if::
You need to speed up the calculation process without compromising accuracy
You need to get new clients without hiring more staff
You want to have an impeccable reputation in the construction business
You waste too much time to create all of the necessary documentation for the heating systems
You want to double check the calculations of your construction worker or business partner
You need professional advice to choose the right equipment and make sure the work complies with all of the sanitary norms and regulations
“Спроектируй.рф”: the development process
Angular и Ruby on Rails

The project was developed on the Angular and Ruby on Rails framework. They were integrated into a unified system according to the industry standards with the help of Vagrant + Docker combo. Most of the button features were duplicated by drag-n-drop, as it is convenient for users who use a computer mouse or a touch screen.

Integration with the 1C database

To get the right data and technical information about the heating equipment we have integrated the app with the 1C database and used third-party API and parsers for data collection and update. Our developers have also created an algorithm that keeps downloading data in large chunks from the 1C database and processing it on multiple channels.

For file processing, calculation and report generation we used message queues based on RabbitMQ, which allowed for creation of a swift, scalable and reliable system of messages.

I have been working with Norsoft team since March 2016 - they are developing a web application for me to sproectiruy.rf. I can characterize Noorsoft team as a reliable partner who honestly and timely fulfills his obligations

Dmitriy Ustalov - CEO and co-founder