A system for automated review collection and publishing on Google, Yandex, 2GIS, Vkontakte and Facebook.

Automated collection and publishing of reviews on all platforms
The task

To simplify working with customer reviews. A customer leaves a review on one platform, app or social network and clients using other platforms can’t see their review, so it does not prompt them to purchase your product or visit your shop. SMM managers and Marketing managers have to manually monitor and post comments or screenshots on other platforms.

The idea

To develop a system that will collect client reviews and publish them on all popular platforms. To make sure the review request is made in a way that would only get positive feedback. To make the review publishing process as easy as possible for the user, in order to get the maximum amount of comments.

The Result

The “Feedback+” program for collecting and publishing reviews. Clients can leave a review with just one click and the system will automatically publish it on all of the popular platforms. Marketing and SMM managers will save time as every platform will be complete with all of the customer reviews. Helps increase the trust in the company.

Automatic review publishing

The “Feedback+” system automatically publishes customer reviews on a few platforms. Potential clients will be able to see it on whichever platform or social network they are using.

Easy to use

The “Feedback+” users can manage the reviews in their personal account. We have developed an easy-to-use interface, which shows all of the relevant statistics for the given period of time and the company’s rating. All of the review information is placed in sorted lists. You can view the text in your personal account without having to log onto each platform separately.

Top SEO results

Search engines improve the ratings of those companies that get the most reviews. Our system helps increase the amount of reviews of your company without using any shady tactics. The higher your company is on the search engine list, the more clients you have.

Client database import

The “Feedback+” app supports client database import from any CRM, 1С or Excel table. The system asks clients for reviews and your business gets maximum feedback, which helps you better promote your brand.

Always up to date

The user is always up to date about the latest reviews and feedback without having to manually check it on each platform. It is much easier to respond to reviews and answer questions, and quick responses help create a better image for your company.

Impeccable reputation

The more positive reviews you get the more clients trust you. Good reviews on various platforms help create a good reputation for your business and higher demand for your services.

Choosing the right moment

The system asks clients to review your company at the best possible time, when they are guaranteed to follow through and give you a good review.

For a modern business

We did not limit the scope of users in any way when creating this system. The “Feedback+” system can be used for any business regardless of the field. It is especially useful to review-based companies in the food, health and beauty, entertainment and education industries.

The “Feedback+” will be useful to you if:
You need to answer your client’s queries faster to seem like a responsive company
You need to create a positive image for your company on the internet
You need to maximize the amount of client reviews on various platforms
Your SMM and marketing managers have no time for more important tasks because they spend too much time working with customer reviews
Competition is using shady techniques to promote their business and get more positive reviews
Guaranteed results in the 1 month
1 Increasing your website and social networks traffic
2 Getting new clients from search engines, social networks and other reviewing platforms
3 Becoming more popular on Yandex and Google maps, 2GIS etc.
4 Getting into the top search results
5 Increasing sales and income
6 Gaining a reputation of a sought-after and responsive company
7 Getting your SMM and marketing managers to work more efficiently

I kept the idea of such a project in myself for a long time. I was looking for a technical team, who could take on everything as much as possible from designing to go live. The guys did everything fast and I launched MVP in 2 months. Unfortunately, the project didn’t go any further and I had to close it, but if I suddenly have more projects, I’ll only contact norsoft for quick development

Sedenko Yuriy