«Lyft» analogue created locally for Germany to order elite taxi transfers.

from Noorsoft

To request a ride of a premium class you just have to mention pick-up and drop-off locations, money will be deducted from your card automatically once the ride is over. The application consists of an adaptive site and admin panel for service administrators.

The Client:

The client approached us with an unformed idea of what he would like us to do.

We helped him in formulating technical tasks and receiving such a minimal version of a product that would do all the functions which he wanted.

We asked the guys to make a project evaluation, saying that it’s MVP of a taxi service. They have done not only evaluation, they have provided their vision of the project and demonstrated how MVP should look like.

They reduced our cost of market launch and saved us money on the first test! Eventually I am very thankful to them. It was a great initiative!

Noorsoft guys offered us not only a solution to our problem, but made an improvement to our technical task. They made a project even more compact but kept it functional enough to test our business idea.

Service of immediate transfer bookings in Munich

Service for providing booking and payment services for transfers in Munich and other European cities. The website works in 3 languages: German, English, and Russian.

It adapts to all types of mobile devices, API is created for further interaction with mobile application.

Online order
Online request and fare calculation for premium class automobiles.
Online service
Website - landing page and personal cabinet for the client, admin panel - for online orders administration.
Online payment
Convenient online payment. After the card authorization service memorizes it and money is being deducted only by the end of the ride.


Client part:

  • HTML
  • CSS 3
  • Bootstrap
  • JQuery

Server part:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Database: PostgreSQL
  • Google Maps API
  • Stripe / Paypal for online payment

Project organization

Project tasks are divided into 3 parts:
1Creating, managing, online payment, viewing of fares for transfers, viewing of rides history and company information by the customer.
2Order management on all stages, history tracking, payment management, selecting free driver, creating discounts and special offers by service administrator.
3Receiving orders by email, managing orders. Creating a foundation for mobile application development.
Separate task from the client was to develop a 2-3 page website for company services description to attract customers with it in future.

Interface design and work on technical task

There was some work done on describing and formalizing the requirements. In the end we have got clear for both sides technical tasks and prototype set for admin panel and personal cabinets.

Besides we have developed website prototype


There was some work done on describing and formalizing the requirements. In the end we have got clear for both sides technical tasks and prototype set for admin panel and personal cabinets.

Software part

For software part development we have used Ruby on Rails + PostgreSQL. Interesting difficult details of project development included: interaction with Stripe / Paypal payment systems, Google Maps API. Client made a decision that the service will work on a post-payment basis.

The fees are being charged by the administrator manually by pressing the admin button in admin panel. It took pretty much time for coordination of work details with PayPal and Stripe because all documents were arranged from the ground.

Our specialists demonstrated patience and initiative in this project that was highlighted by the client.

Coordination with Google API

To determine the cost of the trip it became necessary to implement Google API. To make user-friendly interface we used a feature where while typing the location the app predicts possible options in Germany and generally in Europe (popular touristic places, airports, train stations, hotels etc.)

The service calculates the shortest possible route between locations which were mentioned by the user and provides the fare including personal discounts, coupons, distance discounts.