Increasing of employees efficiency and company data security with TimeKeeper

TimeKeeper — a system for tracking employees time, their activities and productivity, which integrates into different kinds of systems and completely solves the difficulty of remotely working team members control and partly the problem of work effectivity evaluation.

The system consists of two parts
Desktop Application
Desktop application is created to track the time of an employee and to send all the received data to the server.

It is compact and convenient. We developed it in a way that it won’t distract from the working process and can be minimized to a small window.

The application is tracking various parameters. It automatically determines the employee involvement in the process.
Web Application
Web application is developed for service administrators in order to track and evaluate the work of employees.

Here you can see what time someone came to work and what time he left. Also you can track which websites he was visiting and if there are any that could threaten company security or any entertainment websites where the employee is wasting time compromising his work.

Application specifics

1Control of employees

If productivity of a certain employee makes you doubt - you can select his name on a panel and see his activity and visited websites.

2Flexible setting of a structure

You can customize the structure of your company inside the application no matter of its size and number of departments.

Mostly users like to track general efficiency of the departments and then individually by employee in case of any issues arising during working process.

3Integration with task systems

The application is using the integration with task systems that allows to build automated calculations and see how much time was dedicated to which project or task and how much it is different from initially planned time.

4Increase in efficiency

The application is made to protect the employer from ineffective use of working time by his team and to show the employees weaknesses in their work.

Currently the main consumers of this service are distributed remotely working teams where this kind of control is essential.