We assist in creating mobile application which helps to increase fundraising for various needs.

The best solution for fundraising on its website in the market. Our clients are the biggest organizations in the USA and Canada.

Every month 2 millions of people are interacting with our platform making transactions for millions of dollars. The clients like us however we still want to become better.

The story

We were approached by a person who immediately impressed us with an idea of his project. It’s a system that helps fundraising for different kinds of needs.

One of the main business flows of a client is working with non-commercial organizations. For us it was not only a chance to show a good code, our skills and make money, but also to do something for a good cause, help the whole world to collect money for valuable needs.

The most successful web project for fundraising on the site. This is a Stripe in the world of money reception with impressive additional features.

Applying artificial intelligence to increase fundraising. It helps to raise the funds collection minimum by 2 times for various services.

During the work process we have solved many issues, as it usually happens, made lots of new things.

Probably we have been one of the first in the world to try certain features of React Native.

We have used Agile as it should be, quickly adapted to project changes and have been showing fast results by sprints.

The result

In startups like in all other fast developing companies there are such solutions as pivot (instant changes in project conception ,cancellation of different features, generally a complete change of project’s direction).

It happened in our case too and it was decided to terminate the development of mobile application as it would have legal difficulties with Apple Store and Google Store publishings as was advised by analytics.

The application is ready for launch and is waiting for its turn.