Development of an application
— «Uber» for handymen

from Noorsoft

Development of services and mobile applications similar to Uber, which work in various fields, is one of our “Crowns”.

Services and mobile applications similar to Uber in different fields are one of our signature developments. Unfortunately lots of our Uber-like cases are under NDA protection that we can’t disclose however since 2018 until now there has been a huge demand on these kinds of applications.

Lots of people desire to gain the same success as Uber did and create a marketplace for customer-contractor interaction. Here is another one successful case.

Background of the case

Our clien

The client from the USA which already has a pretty big company which deals with handymen - people who can fix something at home or do some other job there: electricity issues, water pipes, garden arrangements, broken furniture.

These people are kind of multifunctional labourers which know everything. He performs as an employer for a number of such people and decided to try an uber-like model of organization.

About the service

Readyrepair is an Uber for labourers (handymen, plumbers, electricians etc.). If there is something that got broken at your place you can create a request in this app.

Many companies will respond to it, the service will choose the best option and will send the best specialist to complete the order.

Building an idea
and its formalization

The client request was to create an application which
would be exactly like Uber, however it's obviously not like that.

Client expectation:




Satisfaction of needs


Real time location tracking


Outstanding application performance

After the stage of creating
an idea and its formalization we:



Created a prototype
of an app


Made detailed
project evaluation


to work

Interesting points
of development
Administrator Panel

Part of an application is for the client and another part is for the company specialists.

Also we had to create a little web admin panel to control the orders by operator and responses to unusual situations.

Application with geolocation

This application is very similar to all Uber apps and like all of them it contains interactive maps.

These maps display the location of the nearest repairer and you can assume which time it will take him to reach your place. The application is building a route and suggests the time when your master will arrive.

Automated order

In America such kind of repairers have been working on an hourly basis for a long time. Interesting request from a client: he wanted to automatically calculate the time of master's presence inside the building. Here we encountered some difficulties with modern GPS technologies: from time to time the signal disappears or works ineffectively. Any other kinds of issues are not an exception as well.

We have solved all these problems and as soon as the person steps inside the building the time starts counting, or another option - where the repairer manually fixes the time and the customer confirms it.

Mobile application

Order system for Uber consists
of minimum number of steps:

Customer opens
an app

Selects his location
and service needed

An apps shows him
3+ nearest

Repairer arrives,
time starts to count

waiting time
until he arrives

We can see how much time it
will take him to reach.

confirms the order

Working process...

the order is complete

Both sides

Everything is like in real Uber
or Yandex Taxi


Instant credit card payment, Apple/Google pay via reliable service Stripe


This kind of work may cause a number of arguments and low ratings which both sides can give to each other.

To figure out these conflicts we have assigned a specific position of customer support and have created for him an admin panel.