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Each developer has 3+ years of unique experience on various projects.

All developers are available in the office at your disposal!

Motivated developers from Russia with excellent mathematical and IT background

Fast hiring in 24-48 hours

We swiftly join the project and show results during first week.

Save time and money on searching and hiring the right people and hire a Noorsoft developer within 24-48 hours! We can start working right away!


1 Experience Over 3 years of experience. All developers have mathematical and IT background. We have worked on 50+ startups and enterprise projects.
2 Hire us within 24-48 hours! We will start working on your project within 24-48 hours and show results on first week. We will help to accelerate the development of your project or will fully take it over with our own team or in-house developers.
3 Workflow Mostly we use Agile methodology but also can adjust to your requirements and start to develop in 1-2 days. We use Jira, Slack and can add any other platforms for cooperation.
4 Our team and communication We are positive young and experienced professionals. We try to create a comfortable and friendly working environment. We can join standups or phone meetings at any time in both English and Russian.
5 90% client retention 90% of our clients are long-term and are hiring us for their new projects. Duration of an average collaboration is approximately 3 years during which we manage to encourage our clients to extend the partnership through the future projects.
6 How we work You can hire us as an entire team or individually by specialists. We prefer a long-time cooperation based on large projects: on hourly or retainer basis. We are ready to sign an NDA.

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