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About us

Noorsoft – we are a highly qualified team of developers with unique experience. At Noorsoft, we develop complex mobile and web applications, startups and high-loaded services, projects that have passed the world's top acceleration programs and attracted millions of investments and tens, hundreds of thousands, millions of users. We have deep knowledge of technologies and keep ourselves updated on the modern trends.

We try to maintain a comfortable and positive working environment; that is why we invite only the best specialists who share our ideology to join our team. We are a great jump start for beginner developers – you will quickly become a professional with our help.

Why us:
Process honed to perfection

We constantly improve the development process and make sure it is as convenient as possible for the team.

Rapid growth at Noorsoft

At Noorsoft you will quickly become a professional and learn how to work on a project independently


At Noorsoft you will work with highly sought-after modern technologies

Working environment

We work only with friendly professionals in order to create a positive working environment at our company


We are a team of young and positive professionals. We are very easy-going. At Noorsoft we encourage team members to develop both good working and personal relationships. Come work for us and see for yourself!

Work process

Development process is constantly improving. Recently we had a few innovations:

  • Improved management and communication process

  • Implemented automatic time logging with Timetracker with time integration into the task system

  • We renovated our office kitchen :)

Our goal is to automate the routine and let our developers do interesting work

Tech stack

We are constantly monitoring new technologies and trying to implement the new information into our work
Currently, we work with Node.JS, Ruby on Rails, React, React Native, Swift/Java – the most sought after, modern and fast technologies

Hiring process
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