Mobile • Web • Startup Development team

Our team represents a unique experience and guarantees excellent results. We use neoteric methodologies Scrum and Agile.

Our team has unrivalled experience

What we do

We work mostly on unique projects, such as mobile or web applications, high-load systems, enterprise apps and startups.

How we work

We are ready both to adjust to your requirements, and to show our best experience on your project using SCRUM.

Our philosophy

We are a client-oriented and employee-oriented company.

5+Years in development
Ultra Auth – secure biometric authentication for corporations About project
Fundraise Up – The best solution for fundraising on its website in the market About project
Frontend development for enterprise project Biz2Go About project

How we do it

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    Customer-oriented approach

    No matter how obvious it sounds, but the main people in our business are our clients and developers. We work to ensure comfort for both of them. We focus on achieving customer goals and try to provide the best service.

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    Outstaffing and working remotely

    Our team and developers are often hired to work on a project remotely. By choosing us you get the full service: programming, management, QA. Our leading experts and developers will conduct a thorough analysis, quality evaluation and work on implementing all of your requirements. Our company’s management speaks English fluently.

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    Enterprise projects development

    We have been working on enterprise projects from the very first day. Most of our developers have been with the company for over 5 years, gaining a unrivalled working experience. Currently we do IT consulting, development and outstaffing. Our developers work with React.JS, React Native, Swift, Kotlin, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails.

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    Communication is the key to success no matter the project or the task at hand. We use modern communication methods, conduct daily meetings, standups, use Time Trackers, slack, skype etc. and Jira for task management. This ensures transparency of communication. The client can track our progress online. Communication and discussions at any level can be conducted in both Russian and English.

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    NDA and data protection

    We protect all client data and don’t disclose it to third parties. We often work with NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) and treat client data very responsibly.

  • 6
    Positive working environment

    We try to create a positive working environment for everyone, because work is the biggest part of our life; that is why we are very proactive and efficient. We handpick our developers, partners and clients to maintain a positive and friendly working environment.

Using Agile and Scrum

Fast launch of your project

We are aimed at the quick launch of the service, and further stage-by-stage improvement to the necessary functionality. Working in Agile or Scrum, we quickly launch the minimum version of the product that starts to bring profit immediately and shows the behavior of users inside. You can conduct Customer Development or other studies without interrupting the development.

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