Mobile • Web • Startup Development team

Our specialists have unrivalled experience and show excellent results. We use modern methodologies SCRUM and AGILE

Our team has unrivalled experience

What we do

The bulk of the projects we work with are unique, complex mobile and web applications, loaded systems and startups.

How we work

We are ready both to adapt to your work requirements and to show our best experience on your project – this work uses SCRUM.

Our philosophy

We understand that the main thing is the people with and for whom we work.

5+Years in development

How we do it

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    Client Centric Development

    For us, the main people in the project are our specialists and clients, as if it sounds simple. Our job is to organize the most comfortable work on both fronts. We focus on achieving customer objectives and strive to provide the best service in the world.

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    Remote team and outstaffing

    Sometimes, we enter a project by a remote team or employee; choosing our developer outstaffing you get full service from analyzing and working with the lead developer requirements to their implementation and quality assessment. The company’s management is fluent in English.

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    Development of large projects

    We develop complex projects since our inception. For 5+ years of experience in this field, our employees have acquired unrivalled competence. Now we are engaged in development and IT consulting. Our developers’ technological stack: React.JS, React Native, Swift, Java, Node.JS, Ruby on Rails.

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    One of the main aspects of success in working on any project is communication. We use modern communication methods, daily meetings, stand-ups; we use Jira, TimeTracker, slack, skype, etc. for problem and reporting statements. All this ensures a transparent communication process, so the customer sees the work progress online. We can lead projects in both Russian and English and participate in discussions at any level.

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    NDA and data safety

    We monitor the safety of all data provided by the customer; we monitor their integrity and non- availability to third parties and ready to sign NDA agreement. We often work under the NDA and treat your data with full responsibility.

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    Positive work environment

    We try to work and communicate in a positive way, work for us is life, and therefore we work positively, actively and efficiently. We carefully select partners and customers, as well as specialists to create the unique, friendly, but working atmosphere of Noorsoft

We use Agile and Scrum

Run a project quickly if necessary.

We aim to quickly service launch and further step-by-step increment to the necessary functionality. Working correctly with Agile or Scrum, we quickly launch the minimum version of the product. It begins to recompense and shows the behavior of users inside; Customer Developmen or other research can be carried out without interrupting development.

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